NWSync is coming...

  • Brace

    In an effort to convert over to NWSync, a "sync only" version of the ArabelEE server has been placed on-line.

    If you browse available servers, you'll see one that's password protected and named "Arabel SYNC ONLY".

    The password to connect is syncme

    It will inform you that a sync is required and begin downloading files. This should take 20-40 minutes on a decent internet connection.

    Once the sync is completed, you will be disconnected.

    DO NOT ...

    ... connect to this server and play in it. It's completely separate from the main server and any/all content in the "sync only" server will be removed once NWSync is enabled in the main server.

    You should be able to launch a second copy of NWN and connect/play on the main server while the download is occurring.

    Once a week or so has passed and most people have downloaded the content, NWSync will be enabled in the main server.


    1. No longer have to manually fiddle with haks.
    2. Data is compressed on disk. Instead of taking up 9GB of space in the hak folder, it takes up about 3GB of space in the nwsync folder.
    3. Future changes to hak files will require only a small download. Only changed assets are downloaded (not entire hak files). You will automatically be informed when a sync is required.

    Once the switch is complete, you can delete all the HAK files out of your Neverwinter Nights/hak folder. Content creators (module editors) will still have to maintain a hak folder since the ToolSet doesn't utilize NWSync content.

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  • Admin [DM]

    Sounds great