When do you know, that you spend too much time on coa?

  • I dont know if you guys have had similar experiences. All i know, is that as of today, I just ordered myself a tattoo with the writing "Fortune favors the bold". It wasnt until i had done it, that i suddenly remembered where i had heard it before, and it struck me, "God damn rusty, you twit, you just ordered a tattoo of Tymora's most famous saying.

  • o.o;

    I've slipped 'gods dammit' more than a few times. And even one "Shadows and Hell". >.>

    I could see that tattoo being pretty cool, actually. Like a blue and white shield with dice, spades and clubs on it with the saying over the top in a scroll (think of the ranger regimental scrolls).

    So yeah. You're not alone

  • Pretend you love Virgil.

  • Whenever something goes wrong, I blame Moloch.

    Seriously though, Fortune favors the Bold is something I quoted on a number of occasions. It's so very catchy, and true!

  • I know when I've spent too much time on CoA when I crash my car into a house, due to lack of sleep (and skills).

  • I say 'Hail kin' to my family members and drink more ale than I used to drink before! Also, I grew a beard and wear a chain mail to go to school. I forgot what it was to say yes and no because I use the terms 'aye' and 'nay' now…

  • It should make you feel better to realize its not from the Forgotten Realms.

    Ed Greenwood ripped this off from the real world too, like much of the Forgotten Realms.


  • I know its a common phrase, Mol, and i am gonna have it written in latin. But, i still think its funny, and, i feel its a little bit awesome, that it will always remind me of my time with you bastards.

  • I thought that Deadlock was the Villan DM… the one we should blame when something bad happens. 😃

  • Surprisingly enough, I keep a pretty distinct line between CoA and the rest of my college life, despite how much I love this place.

    I'll actually say "aye" every once in a while, but it has nothing to do with CoA. 😛

  • Deadlock is comic relief DM.

  • Says the DM with Vork as his avatar.

  • I haven't even been playing that much, but I'll pipe in.

    When you have a nightmare that Moloch is actually a vampire in real life, and in order to extend his vampire abilities/life/power/whatever, he manipulates you into sacrificing your own dog's soul over to him.

    I'm not sure what's more sad - the fact that I had this dream about this game, or the fact that I'm now even more scared of Moloch than I previously was. :oops:

    EDIT: ACK! Post count total (as of this post) is 2012! IT'S THE END! HE'S IS GONNA KILL US ALL!

  • Mine was when I went to type up a report for Science and as my name i put West Coltern and I didn't notice til I got it back at the end of the period and she goes "If your gonna rip off someone's work, atleast Change their name." I laughed so hard and said that was my nickname and I bet she never had a student named west

    (Heading was:
    West Coltern
    Astronomy 1/2

  • Okay, drip, that's a little too far. I think we have to ban you now for your own good.

  • When you get really drunk and instead of going to bed you not only read a post like this.. you reply to it.

  • @Gmork:

    When you get really drunk and instead of going to bed you not only read a post like this.. you reply to it.

    I am danish. We dont get drunk. We ARE drunk.

    And the forum isnt that bad. Its at the times when you think you can survive one of SFP's dm quests, at 5 in the morning, after having been out drinking all night.

  • Saturday night I will be drunk. Very drunk. If I make it by here, well.. you've all been warned.

  • Does my wanting to get an O'louth tatto count as spending too much time here? Or is this another issue entirely?

  • You've been spending too much time around CoA (and RPGs in general) when upon seeing/hearing the letters PC you think of Player Character before computer >.>

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