Alchemy obsolete with min lvl 6

  • So Zuzana wanting to pull pranks started making things with alchemy. Found out, lvl six characters simply ignore the spiked blue whinnis drinks and sleeping dust. So if we switch over to minimum level of six. A lot of what we make will be obsolete

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Not really. It takes an hour and a half of gameplay to get over 50 alchemy, at which point you can make tons of different stuff. Some very basic starter things might become useless, but that'll all be revisited when we overhaul these systems for V6.

  • This does bring up a very significant point however.

    LOTS of items, have really, REALLY bad DC's on the spells they cast. I'm unsure about general items, but I know we could change the DCs on poisons, as those are stored in a 2da, which we already use a custom version of.

    So poisons, could be balanced for the assumption of saves in the new level range.

    Unsure about items, though, there will be a way most likely. Probly a fairly simple script around method.

    But I think this is a very valid point. It's just a lot larger than alchemy.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Well, Sleep as a spell simply won't work if you're above level 5, I think. So some DCs and stuff could be adjusted. Moloch also plans to change some spells to make them not so shitty in V6 🙂

  • @bowser

    Daze is another of those spells blocked by being lvl 5 or higher.

    Alchemy is fine. This is just an issue for a couple of spells.

  • Looking for some spells like this is already on a list of things that need doing long term. Like Zool says, its part of a bigger issue really.

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