NWN:EE Upgrade

  • Upgrading NWN is going to be an odd process, I really do not know exactly how we're going to do it--our module is 15 years old and its biggest problem is that for about 7-8 years we've built a lot of systems using an unsupported NWNx plugin. Other servers are upgrading that used the same plugin, and we know what they've encountered, and Echo's hubby has graciously done some homework for us on the topic, but I'm not an expert at this stuff--but probably the only DM currently who knows enough to really take a solid stab at the upgrade. We've done some experiments with just turning off the plugins to ensure the module will run, but running it is an entirely different monster.

    If there's anyone in the player base who can, or knows someone who can, give a hand at cracking this nut--please contact me.

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