Need Help Understanding Arabel's Current Setting

  • Excited to have found this place again, because I heard about the EE version, I've been diving head first over the weekend to see a lot of what I missed. Both the Player Handbook and the Setting Information sections of the forums have been incredibly helpful. I am in awe of all that has gone down.

    That said I do have some questions as I begin to formulate a character to play. From the post about the current year I know it's 1397 D.R. and a lot has happened. It looks like the last post regarding The Silence was in Oct '17 and that The Dark War starts right after. So my questions are thus:

    • Are the Divine Marches still happening? If so who's currently marching against who?
    • Is the Silence over or just the story arc? That is to say are the gods still silent to an extent?
    • Are Banites in Cormyr still on the rise or were they stopped or did they reach a plateau?
    • It looks like Tyche was reformed but she's the consort/subordinate of Tempus. Is she happy about this or looking to get away from him?
    • It didn't look like Mystra had much of a choice regarding her current situation. But in her CoA Specific Deity Info update, her symbol has changed as has some of her dogma. Was this just the people of Faerun accepting her current fate then?

    Basically I just don't wanna make a fool of myself assuming things when I finally jump back into the game later this week. As such any and all info, or links I may have overlooked would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Actually i came back after a very long break, and due to RL reasons myself. I would like to know, what is general knowledge regarding other matters of Cormyr and Arabel in General.

    Any Links would be helpful.

  • @mister-moosh

    No Divine Marches currently. They can happen though.

    I believe the Silence is still going on.

    There are no PC Banites that I know of currently, but the group I was with established the Green Flames temple in Old Town after Divine Marching on the Temple of the Triumvirate. So there is a faction base for Banite PCs.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Divine Marches are occurring constantly throughout the realms as faiths battle it out. DMs don't have the energy to detail every conflict- but you can reasonably have a conflict between the church of Ilmater and Loviator and have it be a reason you fled a region towards Cormyr, or some other thing.

    Silence is a setting thing, stories can be developed from it.

    Banites sorta Plataead as reasonably, Cormyr isn't going to give much power to an LE faith and will quietly undermine its growth.

    Dunno, you can say Tyche loves being Tempus' bottom or wants to get away.

    A god's dogma is a revelation handed down to her followers and basically is the basis of the gods beliefs. A Church is developed from that. There is probably a lot of chaos in the Church of Mystra right now as the Liturgy suddenly became outdated....

  • Thanks for the details @Sanctuary !

    Boom @SpiffyMeister this was the meat I was looking for on the setting and answers some of my questions. Thanks!

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