Announcement about DM Removal

  • "Folks, the DM team here has recently had to make the difficult decision to ask one of our own members to step down. This is never a decision we make lightly, but we feel it was best for the health of the community. We feel that the module and community are heading in a very positive direction right now, we're stronger than we have been in years and are looking at creative new ideas for the future to keep us going strong. However, there were very strong creative differences with DM-Sandman, that unfortunately began to become a source of friction rather than creative contrasts. Additionally, the DM team has very strict guidelines we adhere to about trust, communication, and teamwork. We were very disappointed that DM-Sandman did not agree to adhere to these guidelines and harmed some relationships in the NWN community by venting his problems out of context to others in a way that strained friendships and, we feel, were misleading to those
    who heard them.

    We value openness and honest communication on City of Arabel, while respecting that Sandman has his own side of the story to tell. We will not air dirty laundry, but our community should know some of the details of what has happened here, and the DM team will do its best to address any specific concerns raised by this, or any issue within the DM team."

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