Have a Hyper Christmas guys. I made a thing last night.

  • Hey guys. I slapped this prototype for an arena shooter game together in a day or so, and figured I'd just post it up on itch.io for you guys to have fun with.

    It's local multiplayer only, requires four players, and gamepads, so the barriers to entry will mean not many of you can do much with it honestly! but it's just a little silly prototype anyway.

    You need a password to access the page. That password is


    You can check it out here


    There's a donate option but you can just skip to download!
    Merry Christmas, and have fun!

    This is on the page itself but some people dont read stuff and just click buttons! but controls below in case.

    Controls -

    (assuming Xbox pad)

    LB - fire

    B - speed jump

    Left stick - Move

    Esc - In game menu

  • Nice. Love the retro music
    Hit me up if you want any graphics done. Better with 3d than 2d, but can still do 2d.

  • @gmork

    Hey man. If you were up for making some graphics I wouldn't say no 🙂 3d is great, the game is actually in 3d anyway.

  • Shoot me a little concept art (just pictures of stuff you like the look of) and I'll build some assets.

  • @joekickass

    Unity Engine, so, C#

    "From scratch" doesn't really fit when using an engine 🙂 but, if you count loading up the game engine, as scratch, then yeah!

  • @gmork

    It's kinda... Future hover craft with rapid fire plasma cannons.

    Future hover craft with rapid fire plasma cannons.

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    There are also robotic drones too..

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    I know that's a lotta images, all entirely different! but, that's the concept that I guess was in my head when I spent the five or ten minutes it took to come up with it 🙂

    "humans fighting to the death in hovercraft with rapid fire plasma cannons, while robotic drones try to kill them."

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