Back Guys

  • Some of you noticed I'm back, and I'm totally lost about everything and way out of touch with players. I'd love to hear from folks about what's cool or not, what's fun and needs more doing, try to run small events and interactions with folks and stuff like that. I am not committing to long term plots or anything, or reworking systems probably--but I'd love to get caught up beyond what reading the DM forums provide by hearing more from players about what I can do.

    I may just post some random poll and things just to hear ideas wild-wacky-wise or inbetween just to help get my creative juice flowing again on COA, positive stuff and constructive comments only (keep it all civil). I'm a nice and loving fellow, but zero tolerance for nasty or snide. Let's have fun.

    In return, go grab a mate and tell them to log in and play CoA some more. I promise good times for all.

  • And now back using my correct account. Please send messages to this Mr.Moloch, not the awful MrMoloch who forgot to use a period.

    I missed my period.

    I may be pregnant.

    With slaad.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    The Eggs were everywhere...

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