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    House Rowanmantle

    The ancestral House of Tilverton, the Rowanmantle family were able to avoid the Tilverton disaster as the house had moved its base to Suzail a few years prior. The family has strong connections to the nobility of Shadowdale such as Amcathra and Sulwood, as well as House Hawklin with whom they have a strong alliance. Ennobled during the reign of King Barander Obarskyr in 348 DR, House Rowanmantle is a minor noble house with a long history of Crown loyalty, as well as serving the Purple Dragons and adventuring.

    Lady Regent Alasalynn remains head of the House, and the elderly Lord has long expressed her desire to reclaim the land surrounding the Tilverscar once again. Her children have only expressed reluctance of the idea, considering the very idea foolish with the threats of Sharran cultists, vicious gnolls and restless souls haunting the area. Tired of her children’s dismissal of their ancestral land, Alasalynn has given the task to her eldest grandchild and heir. If the heir is unable to reclaim the land surrounding the Tilverscar and re-establish the House in Northern Cormyr, Alasalynn has promised her children to let go of her dreams and finally move on.

    Lady Regent Alasalynn

    Once a skilled warrior and politician, Alasalynn is now in her twilight years and seeks to fulfill her lifelong dream to reclaim her ancestral home. A proud Cormyrian whom has no time for nonsense, she rules her house with discipline and traditional Cormyrian values. Her grandchild has been assigned with a list of tasks to fulfill within six months of their arrival to Arabel. Any correspondence with the family will be performed through the house steward, James Grayson, and Alasalynn has made it clear she expect her grandchild to be fully independent once reaching Arabel.

    The Grandchild/Heir

    Eldest of Alasalynn’s grandchildren, the heir of House Rowanmantle has been sent to Arabel to fulfill Alasalynn’s dream of re-establishing the House in the area surrounding the Tilverscar. The Heir now faces their biggest ever challenge in life. Knowing that in failure, the title of Heir will be lost, but so too will the dream of their beloved grandmother.

    The Heir is the only child of Damaris Rowanmantle and Jyordan Sulwood.

    Alasalynn’s Requests

    • Lift the curse of Tilverton
    • Cleanse the area of Shar’s growing influence
    • Gain the support of three factions within Northern Cormyr, one which must be the local Purple Dragon garrison
    • Raise investment funds for the future settlement, minimum 50,000 gold
    • Slay the Albino Werewolf known to terrorize Moonsearide and the Hullack Forest
    • Gain the support of three local Lords
    • Gather enough resources to build a base camp in Tilverton’s ruins
    • Build a settlement in the base camp area
    • Establish three trade deals to the settlement
    • Build an inn in the settlement
    • Build a new family manor in the settlement
    • Build a new temple in the settlement
    • Become mayor of the rebuilt Tilverton


    The Albino Werewolf
    A monstrous creature which has terrorized Eastway and Moonsearide for many years, it leads the fabled Blackfurs with a bloodied fist and devours any challenger whom dare to attempt to over throw its rule. Those whom have attempted to bring it down, has only met certain death. House Beorhtre has placed a bounty to anyone whom may bring them its served head, whilst House Mertoi wishes the beast to be brought in before them alive.

    Sharran Cult
    With the influence of Clar Banda dwindling in the region, Sharrans have traveled far and wide during the Silence to bring further power to Shar by using the cursed state of Tilverton. They are an elusive group which has never been reported to act with hostility and are led by a charismatic sorcerer known as “Black Velvet” who preaches the dogma of Shar with startling success. During moonless, nights a handful of members have the habit to visit Mertoi’s Cauldron for a drink or two. Once their thirst has been satisfied, the cultists depart from the inn at the crack of dawn. Usually with one or two new members following closely behind, before they all disappear into the dark woods surrounding the Tilverscar.

    Shadovar Spies
    The threat of Shadovar spies is something every Cormyrian should be well aware of. The rumors of Shadovar activity in the areas surrounding the Dalelands are well known, but words has begun to spread in the North East of Cormyr that sights have also been reported around the Tilverscar. What the Shadovar wish of this area is uncertain, but many are certain there are members within the Sharran Cult whom will know more. So far, it is mostly considered wild speculations.


    The Purple Dragons are pleased to see more proud Cormyrian houses making their way to Northern Cormyr, but Lord Paertrover, Commander of the Purple Dragons, won’t waste his breath on a young whelp until they have earned his respect and attention. The neighboring houses Mertoi and Beorhtre are so far neither for nor against House Rowanmantle's return, but are glad to see more control returning to the North Eastern border of Cormyr.


    • An written application showing clear initiative and research into the SPA and character
    • The Special Position Application must be sent using the SPA guidelines
    • Clearly defined character goals with major player involvement, conflict and independent creativity
    • Long term investment into the SPA character and story line, with a maximum of 6 months to achieve completion
    • The ability to push the story line and character development during moments of low DM support
    • Respect to the predefined SPA lore and SPA rules
    • Weekly documentation of the story-lines process on the forums, either IC or OOC
    • Must be the main PC and be played 80% of the players IG time
    • Next of kin characters require normal background applications
    • The concept is plot heavy, the SPA character will be retired if the DM team feel the player is not fulfilling the tasks and requirements

    Recommended research topics: Cormyr, Cormyrian Nobility, House Rowanmantle, Cormyr, Tilverton, Moonsearide


    • 500 gold wage per day, collected from the House of the Lord Lady
    • Armour, tunic, cloak, shield and weapon. The house weapon is Short Spear and heavy shield, but the SPA PC may pick another if they so wish.
    • Nobility documents, which will act as proof of the PCs nobility status and heritage.
    • Chest with retainer gear (based on silver crafted gear), dyes and bannerman cloak made available in the House of the Lord Lady
    • Noble status, with the title Heir/Heiress of House Rowanmantle
    • Forum, which will be used to document the SPA PC's progress
    • Direct contact with House Steward James Grayson through letters via the forums

    House Uniform

    alt text

    House Heraldry

    alt text

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    The DM team will be considering all applications sent in during roughly two weeks from this post. Take your time, anyone is welcome to apply but remember this SPA is a one chance only!

  • Heraldry updated with the colored version. Many thanks to @TheMinionOfArabel as always ❣

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    One week left!

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    Duane Rowanmantle, heir of House Rowanmantle

    Played by EdinSumar

    A group of adventurers uncovering by mere chance a outbreak of living shadows in the Tilverscar were quite surprised when they ran into the young Heir to the Rowanmantle family, Duane Rowanmantle. Claiming that he was there to set things right and fulfil the long-forgotten obligations of his family to Tilverton and the Moonsea Ride, the young Rowanmantle soon found his way to Arabel - intent on staying there for the foreseeable future.

    Only time can tell what will come of this, and whether others shall follow him.

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