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  • Target a potential reagent to try and use it. If you altered a spell and tried to use a new reagent, and its not a reagent it will no longer cast the base spell but rather the altered spell. Do not take this as a sign one spell has more than one reagent. There is no point of using the Grimoire on items such as your Character Token.

    can you clarify this sentence for me please?

  • This means that if you prepared an alteration of say Larloch's Minor Drain and then you used the Grimoire to target a new reagent and tried the base spell for Larloch's Minor drain: If the new reagent doesnt work it will no longer cast for you the base spell but rather the altered spell you have stored.

  • Sooooo if you are implicitly stating what happens when it DOES NOT work does that imply that if you prepare an alteration of Larloch's Minor Drain and then you used the Grimoire to target a new reagent and try the base spell with this different reagent, it is possible that it MAY work? An alteration of an alteration? How deep does this rabbit hole go! Readers demand answers.

  • I think what it means is that if you already changed it to Larloch's then try to Alter it again, if it isn't a valid alteration then it'll stay Larloch's. If it is a valid reagent for an alteration of the base spell you'll cast the new one.

  • That is exactly what it means. To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Strife and Discord. The humour is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the jokes will go over a typical readers head.

  • I am not sure what makes me feel worse. My inability to recognize basic sarcasm or the fact it was pointed out to me with an edited excerpt of a Rick and Morty Copypasta.

  • Text seems fairly straightforward to me. However, I don't deny a less arcane (see what I did there?) sentence construction might not be the worst thing, given it's a set of instructions.

  • Any chance

    can be changed to


  • I consistently misspelled the word since the system was invented.
    .alt would help me immensely, as I've got the first three letters right. 🙂

  • .alt, .alter are reserved for other things.
    You guys will have to be brave and type the additional 7 characters.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    .strifeisanoob seems acceptable

  • .spell might work, half as many letters, saves twice as much time in the grand scheme of things.
    But you can't have a more intuitive dot command than .alteration for alterations.

    So it's efficient speed vs intuitive design here.

  • Some of the alteration names are very long, so can't really get away from needing to put in some effort to select the ones you need. But now that you can select them all before combat, it's great.

  • It's not like you can prep them in combat anyways so, take your time. Plus I'm pretty sure typing .alteration takes less time than grabbing up the pc mode switch, pulling the alteration scroll out of a box (cause you can't use pc mode switch in stuff that's in boxes) use it on the scroll, then put the scroll back in the box (cause there's no way I'ma leave 60 scrolls loose in my inventory)

    Plus you can just make a chat macro for the alterations you use the most.

  • compared to the similarly long .assumecombatstance, I will admit this seems a bit of a pain. Given that every fighter will need to make that macro only once, alterations need to be constantly prepared.

    .spell is not a bad idea. It's a minor thing, but irritants tend to add up.

  • Bugs/Exploits that were reported to me via PMs will be addressed as of Version 3836 of the module(Next reset).

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