City of Arabel: Server, Contact, and DM Information

  • Server and Contact Information

    New forums: /forum/
    The address also works but use the above or your computer will explode.

    E-mail Address:
    Used for sending exploitable bugs, reports of abuse, screen shots, character updates, and generally anything that should be handled privately with the DMs, or an application if the above address fails. Used for Paypal and/or Patreon. For bug reports, etc. please use the appropriate tracker.

    City of Arabel's Wiki. Detailed information about the server can be found here. Players are welcome to edit.

    Server Gamespy Location: City of Arabel, PW Story.
    Server IP Information:
    (or simply: )
    Connection information to the actual server.

    IRC information: Click here for IRC details

  • Current DMs

                          Status        Time     Zone      Country
    1\.  Abaddon           inactive      GMT+1    CEST      Europe/Norway
    2\.  Azzmodan          inactive      GMT+1    CEST      Europe/The Netherlands
    3\.  CakeOrDeath       retired       GMT      GMT       Europe/England
    4\.  Deadlock          inactive   GMT      GMT       Europe/England
    5\.  Dr.Polio          inactive      GMT+10	GMT+10    Australia
    6\.  Dry Bones         retired       GMT-5    EST       North America/USA       East
    7\.  Elizium           inactive      GMT-5    EST       North America/USA       East
    8\.  HarryMcScary      retired       GMT-5    EST       North America/USA       East  
    9\.  Hint of Insanity  inactive      GMT-5    EST       North America/Canada    East     
    10\. Mockingbird       inactive      GMT      GMT       Europe/Sweden
    11\. Moloch            active      GMT-5    EST       North America/USA       East
    12\. Ol'n'Creepy       inactive      GMT+2    GMT       Europe/Finland              
    13\. SI                inactive      GMT	   GMT       UK
    14\. Slug              inactive      Fill in your info, lazy Slug!
    15\. SnakesForDinner   semi-active   GMT+1    CEST      Europe/Germany
    16\. Snowstorm         inactive      GMT-5    EST       North America/Canada    East
    17\. StrawMan          semi-active     GMT+9    GMT+9     Japan
    18\. Syntax            inactive   GMT-5    EST       North America/USA       East
    19\. Whitelight Fever  inactive   GMT      GMT       Europe/England
    20\. Yardsale          inactive      GMT-5    EST       North America/Canada 
    21\. Pandemonium       inactive   GMT-5    EST       North America/USA
    22\. Neanderthal       inactive      GMT-5    EST       North America 
    23\. The King in Yellow inactive     GMT-4   Atlantic   North America/Canada
    24\. ParasiticNematode active        GMT+2    GMT       Europe/Finland
    25\. First Red Banner  inactive      GMT+2    GMT       Europe/Finland
    26\. Camazotz          inactive      GMT -5   EST       North America/USA       East
    27\. Gmork             inactive        GMT+10   GMT+10    Australia 
    28\. Tinker            inactive        GMT+10   GMT+10    Australia 
    29\. Thunderlamb       inactive
    30\. Elegy of Fools    inactive        GMT -5   EST       North America/USA       East
    31\. DiaboSatan        semi-active        GMT -3   Atlantic  South America
    32\. Abby              inactive        GMT     GMT        UK
    33\. Count              inactive 
    34\. Toadstool              inactive 
    35\. Polaris              active 
    36\. Ponies               active 
    37\. Echo              active 

  • While email is fine for contacting the DM team, it is slow. The email account is not checked regularly and messages can go unnoticed long enough for them to no longer be relevent. Instead players can send a PM to any of the active DMs on the team and we'll post it up for the rest to see. I know that I've never checked the email account, but I notice the "You have 1 new message" at the top of the forums every time.

  • Some advice to get fast replies if you want to contact us in IRC:

    1. Asking in the #CoA channel if a DM is there rarely works. Instead, send a PM right away.

    We usually have IRC running in the background while we're ingame, reading the forums, chatting elsewhere and so on. Your message in the main channel will most likely remain unnoticed. A PM on the other hand will catch our attention much more easily.

    1. PM many of us at once. Don't just contact one and wait for his/her reply.

    That way you'll be more likely to find a DM who has time to talk to you. If several of us answer and you only need to talk to one? A simple "thanks for the reply, but DM Bob is helping me already" is a perfectly fine answer. We won't get angry at the rejection. Promise.

    1. Ask your question even if the DM seems afk.

    That way they'll know what the matter was when they return. PMs don't expire, and I'll gladly send a reply (if you're still online) even if the question was asked hours ago.

  • List updated and re-aligned for easier reading!

  • Storyteller [DM]

    updated info.

    Website of City of Arabel. Basic information about the server can be found here. Thanks to games for hosting our website.

    has not been working for a while.

    New forums: /forum/
    The old address still works for now but use the above or your computer will explode. no longer works so… changed for new one

    IP was outdated. Also updated game adress. swapped for

    updated irc link

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