Forums & Spying

  • The forums should not be a way to avoid affiliations with PCs while spying or performing other covert actions.

    If you are spying for faction A on faction B, you should not be:

    • Sending letters on the forums with this information without ever actually meeting the recipient in game.
    • Reading faction B's forum and copy-pasting large quantities information onto faction A's forum without giving any clue to such in game.
    • Acting perfectly relaxed about it all without any ranks in bluff.
    • Any combination of the above.

    If you are playing a spy-type character, you should be meeting up with your handler(s) in game and when members of the faction you are acting against are logged in.
    Be reasonable in copying text from faction forums too. Remember these are like files stored somewhere IC and would take time to copy. Perhaps carry around a note with a description explaining it is a copy of a report from faction B and hand it to the people you are spying for in game.

    Bottom line: Don't abuse the forums for anonymity! When spying you can certainly use them to transfer this information, but it should be reflected fairly in game.

  • I'm reminding players about this once again.

  • Again.

  • For crying out loud, people, this isn't complicated.

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  • Once again! Keep this in mind.

    If you just copy paste stuff from the forum, while spying upon or betraying a faction that you've joined–the least you should expect is to be drummed out of that faction. The worst you can expect is a DM making you roleplay out the scene where you steal the documents from a heavily guarded faction head-quarters and get killed by the NPCs present.

  • Bumping this, its been a few years, but needs pointing out again.

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