Gardening/Lumber-jacking/Foraging and you

  • Gardening/Lumber-jacking/Foraging and you

    I just spent time personally replanting Occasio Trees as some players decided being dicks and causing the resource to extinct, with little regard to their fellow players. The team will not be doing this again. Much like anything in CoA, nature's bounty will also start reacting to your actions. Abuse it and treat it badly and resources will go extinct and hoops will need to be jumped to restore balance and regain access to said resource. If for whatever reason you do not know how to replant Trees and Herbs, feel free to send me a PM or approach others IG. I am sure everyone will be happy to explain it.

    I find myself needing to reiterate Zool's golden rule: Dont be dicks.

  • There should be one "permenent" tree/plant of every type, at some point in the server.

    This will always be there at the start of a server reset.

    This means there is always access to at least one source of seeds for every plantable thing.

    If those got deleted at some point, probly wanna put em back in.

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