Claimable Bases and You

  • Admin [DM]

    Claimable Bases and You

    As some of you know, we have placed several claimable bases In-Game for people who would like to use them for their Player Faction HQs. For those of you who dont know, I wholeheartedly recommend exploring the server more and finding out these wonderful places and try to claim them. Each base has its own perk(Storage, Cool features, Resting places, etc). You wanted a cool base? That is your chance. Feel free to PM me about it, if you have more questions.

    The team has raised concerns lately of the following:

    • The same select few people seem to always control these bases.

    • Some people often take control over more than one base at a time with one character.

    We would like to address the second article more, as the first one cannot be helped if those same people are the only ones that care.
    The team has agreed that for the sake of player courtesy, we would enforce the following:

    • If you or your faction have one of these bases, you CANNOT claim another. If you want to claim the base and give it as a courtesy to another faction straight away, you can do so.

    • If you are part of a DM Faction(And enjoy the many perks of that faction already) you can in theory also claim a base but we prefer you do it under the following guidelines:

      • Claim that base only if you also have a player faction on the side that you run, with other players that arent affiliated with your faction.

      • Claim the base only if your faction has an IC reason and sense to have it.

      • You are encouraged to reward such a base to Player Factions that you interact with, to further their goals and yours in the process.

      • DO NOT claim more than one base, even if all the bases make IC sense. Be courteous to your fellow players.

    We would rather not script a blocker to prevent you from claiming these bases, and that instead you will act like adults and show courtesy to other players.
    If you wont, we will be forced to either script something to prevent this hoarding/hogging of Bases or vice versa find an IC method to make these bases be forfeited.

  • Admin [DM]

    If you're presently in a DM faction, please do not claim bases without speaking to a DM about the need for it. You already have free rest, storage, and a number of other perks.

  • Admin [DM]

    Do not use stupidly complex patterns or dm-drop only items to set wards or prevent people from claiming the bases. I will reset the ward and pattern and remove every item stored within.

    If you are currently using a claimable base, send me a PM as to why you need it. If I don't receive a PM from players within a few days, I will reset the base and let a new group claim it.

  • We are working on making the pattern(s???) impossible make "stupidly complex" the original design was slightly flawed (my fault) and assumed people wouldn't use the same tile more than once, and wouldn't do things like step off the tiles entirely part way through.

    This will get fixed eventually, but for now, if you could try and use a little consideration, it would be great. As a REALLY simple rule of thumb.

    When making a pattern, once begun, don't leave the tiles from the start end. Only at the far end.

    Don't use the same tile twice.

    That should make it more viable to actually crack it within the next century! 🙂

    As for wards, yeah, don't use entirely unique items. Again, the original design somewhat negated this, but there are some instances it didn't take into account.

    The idea is, you need to use the item to keep the ward charged up, this is supposed to mean you can never use something unique, or you would be doing yourself in, as the ward would fail after a while, because you would never be able to recharge it.

    People as they often do (humans are problem solvers!!!) found ways around this design.

    If you do, please give the DM team details, and we can work them into re-designs, we do want to make this all automatic so you don't have to worry about it, but for now, if you find a really sneaky way to make something near impossible to defeat, just tell us, and try not to use it.

    Things like your character having a very special kind of blood though, is fine, it can be reproduced…. but totally unique items are off the table.

    General rule of thumb is this -

    If you wouldn't be able to keep refueling the ward using any of the items you used to put it up, yourself, then you've probably found a super sneaky method that we need to know about. (as an aside, this includes using "faction only" items that you can get on a consistent basis, but other players outside of your faction could not)

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