Thank you DMs!

  • with everything going on I feel it would be best to say Thank you DMs. you are the life blood of COA and you make things run smoothly. All of you put of with our rants and tantrums. I feel like I have added more stress to the job than there needs to be at times.
    I am sorry for such things and I wish to impart some positive emotions because you all have done a lot for us! Thank you

    Thank you so much!

    special thanks to Polaris, Moloch, and Zool, you have done so much coding for us.

  • I'm all for this. We really don't give the DMs enough credit. Dealing with us must be like Herding cats sometimes, if the cats could talk and constantly criticized your herding efforts.

    So yeah, Big thank you to the DMs, for all the great stories you've helped us tell!

  • Thanks for sticking with us and this community for so long. And thanks to the new DMs who are taking up the mantle. Love everything you guys do.

  • I'm SinisterPlank and I endorse this message.

  • Make Arabel Great Again. +1

  • Normally, I hate all DMs on principal. But this team is solid. So yeah. Thanks for the fun and stuff!

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