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    Plot Tickers
    Click here to make your own!

    They are super helpful to get a general understanding of what players are doing for us DMS, we can keep up a dialog and check regularly what players have done so far IG and more. It is a great tool and a great way to update the DM team regularly on how you are doing, when a story grab our interest or a player contact us with a link to the plot ticket we make sure to check on it. Keeping your plot ticket updated and clear ensures that no matter when you contact a DM, they can quickly look up what you done so far with the characters when you share the link to your plot ticket!

    Couple of Pointers:

    • Always mark the ticket as security, then only you and the DMs can read/reply.

    • One ticket per character! Title it after your character

    • If you wish to share screenshots, leave them as an image link as too large images wont be visible!

    • If you wish to share IG conversations, do a summary and put the whole conversation inside a spoiler

    • Keep your plot ticket updated on a regular basis, if you need support simply approach a DM and share the link

    • Regular replies cannot be promised, however we do our best to look over them as often as we can

    • If you got a lot to say, consider using bulletin points. The quicker a DM know what you need, the faster the reply

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    Feel free to use this format for any tickets, but remember it is not an app!!! Simply Cut and Paste! (Aren't I awesome, making it all easy for ya!


    **Name the Ticket by your current Character Name! You can write it however you like, the questions below are guidelines

    Write a Background of character info such as character's motivation, goals, ideals

    What you've done so far (or plan to do) with the character, ie what you done(will do) IG and how you have(will) involved people so far?

    What you hope to accomplish with the character. Short term & long term. Brief or long summary statement is fine!

    Additional Information such as fears, plot buddies or anything else**

    Some things to keep in mind: This is the easiest way to communicate with all of the DMs at once – we want to know what you are up to and what direction you have with your characters! Please post a player plots ticket for all your MAIN characters!

    DO NOT THINK OF THIS LIKE AN APPLICATION!!! This isn't a place for your ideas to be "approved or denied" this forum's purpose is to let us know what you're up to and what you hope to achieve. Any DM may pick up on your plot and provide it direction and input!

    This idea has come from Player Feedback to improve DM attention to player plots, so please USE IT!

    Thank you all very much 😃


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    New - Your ticket is new, a DM has yet to confirm they have replied to it! Keep it updated whenever needed, even if a DM has not replied yet.
    Reviewed - One or several DMs have replied and will now continue discussing the ticket with you through the character life!
    Fix Completed - Due to death, retirement or cause the ticket has not bee used/replied to for some time the DMs have closed it


    How long does it take for a DM to reply to my ticket?
    Anything from an hour till a couple of days! We reply when we have time, if you need an answer urgently, contact a DM personally along with your plot ticket link.

    What is a Player Plots Ticket?
    It is a private topic between you and the DMs, about your character, its goal and allows you to share what you do IG or want to do IG with the whole of the DM team.

    My ticket is put as completed, but I am still playing the character?
    Please contact a DM to change the ticket status if you are still playing the character or have decided to play it again.

    How many tickets do I need per character?

    My question is not here, who can I contact?
    Please contact any DM via PMs, tells IG or on our IRC #coa

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    Player Plot Ticker Examples

    Examples of old player plot tickets, to give you an idea how to write your own.
    Below is an example of regular bulletin point updates, with what has happened, what is being worked on and what the player hopes to do.


    • Entering Dobby's melee. Will name the Inn "The Slimy Shaft" to encourage others to join in and stop me.

    • Attempting to obtain Mythalite for Dobby to forge an alliance. Been hinted to that Thune has mythalite. I'll probably steal that for Dobby.

    • Seeking allies to obtain stone to clear more tunnels in Castle Crag. Will also patrol once the hole is open so I can clear out the threats to workers.

    • Working to corrupt Tanith (TheGreatSlushieConspiracy).

    An excellent example in how to describe the thoughts and actions of your character in a story type way, whilst still keeping it neat and short.


    After the attack at the Dwarven moot, Jalen confronted Cromwell on his bloodlust, telling him that he seemed no different from the agents that he attacked and that the bloodshed would simply lead to old town becoming a battlefield.. He was shocked to hear from Cromwell's own lips that he cared little for how old town saw the court. Backing Jalen up on this view was an unlikely ally in Thaldan who had not intended the altercation to end in murder, but simply a message being left for the Citadel. The argument ended with Semira, whom Jalen considers an ally, being called spy by Cromwell for her actions during the moot, namely attempting to heal those allied with Hardcastle.

    Unconvinced by this, Jalen met with Semira before the others could and warned her of the danger. The conversation eventually moved onto their goals and the discovery that they both sought the same thing. With the strange trust between them forming, Semira asked Jalen to act as her proxy in an expedition the court would shortly undertake, for she could not be seen leading it should the Citadel have spies among the group. While disliking the idea at first due to it being very unlike his usual style, he finally agreed when it was pointed out that this set up would benefit both of them in the long run.

    After setting up a meeting betweel Thaldan and Semira, Jalen and Cromwell spoke once more, though this time of a plan of Cromwell's devising, to steal something of great worth from the congress of faiths. While still dubious of Cromwell's intentions, the idea of such a theft intrigued Jalen and admitted as much. However, his desire to see this take place was mixed with his desire to keep an close eye on Cromwell who, in his eyes, could fit just as easily in an adviser's cloak as he could a pair of running boots.

    Please note the following example is a very long one, however was updated over time by the player with the updates being posted in replies to the plot ticket so the DMs could quickly tell what had happened and changed in the main topic.


    Summary of Plot: Become Councillor
    BRIEF background of RELEVANT character info(ie character's motivation for this event): As a paladin of Ilmater from Marsember, her loyalties are to God and Country, in that order. She sees an entire city in horrible suffering and will resolve as many problems as she can through conventional channels.
    What you've done so far (in relationship to the plot):

    • Recovered the Wheat King's head. Led the defense of Myth Drannor.

    • Opposed the Star Cult. Returned the Stolen Knight equipment.

    • Penal Legion'd Tobias, and made every attempt to redeem him instead of just sentencing him to something horrible.

    • Actively trying to improve her own reputation as an 'ambassador' to old town. Aid worker stuff.
      What you hope to accomplish with the plot (Short term & long term. Brief summary statement is fine): She's already doing work as an agent, but I want to make a more significant impact on the quality of life of Arabel's average citizen. Ultimately I want her to become some kind of nobility through the grace of doing good alone.
      Additional Information: I'm not completely sure of a councillor's duties and capacity, so there's a chance she'd want to stay an agent if she could do more good there. Additionally, I want to aim at making each 'component' of this relevant to another councillor. The Commodore's already best buds, smite some kind of evil for Lhal, economic recovery for Kralique, subdue bits of Old Town for Hardcastle. I'm less keen on what Aldek would want.

      Summary of Plot: Strange Lantern / Tilverscar
      BRIEF background of RELEVANT character info(ie character's motivation for this event): Salvage Tilverscar so the moonsea ride isn't as dangerous.
      What you've done so far (in relationship to the plot):

      • Acquired the Lantern from Cicero, took it to the ruins to investigate it's power, discovered what it actually does via Caru.

      • Took a group down Moonsea Ride to identify issues with that trade route.

      What you hope to accomplish with the plot (Short term & long term. Brief summary statement is fine):

      • Collect Moonlight, probably with the help of Selunites.

      • Bring the lantern to Tilverscar's ruins to consecrate it against the darkness.

      Additional Information:

      Summary of Plot: Smithin' Mercy Helm
      BRIEF background of RELEVANT character info(ie character's motivation for this event): One of the more skilled blacksmith PCs alive at the moment in addition to being a cleric of Ilmater. There's a lot of evil items in circulation, but very few good items. Even her own equipment is dubiously immoral.
      What you've done so far (in relationship to the plot):

      • Recovered Defiled Mercy Helmet from starcult survivors as a gesture of goodwill.

      • Recovered Celestial Silver, after exploring the UD with groups a bunch.

      • Recovered Diamond Ice from Lair of Temptation.

      What you hope to accomplish with the plot (Short term & long term. Brief summary statement is fine):

      • Find someone to smith the Celestial Silver to repair the helmet of Mercy, or who can teach Naomi to smith Celestial Silver.

      • Find a properly cool heat source to melt the diamond Ice to temper the metal. (Volcano elemental or something, will explore Volcanoes)

      • Find a proper animal to skin for the lining of the helmet.

      • Bless the helmet in a properly Ilmatari way.

      Additional Information:

      Summary of Plot: Expose them creepy Darmosians
      BRIEF background of RELEVANT character info(ie character's motivation for this event): She doesn't have a lot to base it off of, other than trusting the distrust of Old Town towards that temple. Motivated by a strong dislike of those who would pose as goodly religions for their own ends.
      What you've done so far (in relationship to the plot):

      • Had a few other goodly sorts investigate the temple and draw their own conclusions.

      • Learned about the history of Darmos, and how to disprove his ascencion.

      • Suspects the Ilmatari for being too violent

      What you hope to accomplish with the plot (Short term & long term. Brief summary statement is fine): Root out evil, or prove that the Darmos heresy was correct.
      Additional Information: Beyond finding Darmos' bones in the ruins, I'm a little stiff on player-plot hooks for this.

      Summary of Plot: Economy recovery/Trade Routes.
      BRIEF background of RELEVANT character info(ie character's motivation for this event): Want to tie this into councillor/nobility bid. Her priority is to alleviate suffering and the best long term solution is to fix Arabel's screwed economy.
      What you've done so far (in relationship to the plot):

      • Scouted out routes to Suzail, Moonsea Ride.

      • Found problems with tangible IC solutions.

      • Trying to involve advisors into these issues.
        What you hope to accomplish with the plot (Short term & long term. Brief summary statement is fine):

        • Scout out Hillsmarch, Stormhorns, any other suggested trade routes.

        • Provide tangible ambitions for good guys to work towards to stabilize the region.

        • Eventually shift the setting to one that involves any combination of rainbows, butterflies, or puppies.

      Additional Information:

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    Please remember to put your tickets at SECURITY tickets! 🙂

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    Puffy will now once again reply and debate on Player Plot tickets, if you wish to contact a specific DM about a specific matter. PM is the way to go!

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