More reports please

  • Admin [DM]

    Hey loves, so I have lost 6 hours of bug fixing and such. So a lot of tickets that says they are fixed, may not have been. As such, I would be very grateful if you have a look into the bugs you found/find and check if there is a post saying "fixed" already. Annoyingly the tickets does not record when things are fixed, so I have no way in telling how many of the bugs I fixed was part of the lost module. There may also been suggestions or edits that I said were done, which aren't. So please make NEW bug reports with as much information you can about the bug especially if you found the bug having a report on it saying "completed", that way I can easily get back to the point where we were before obviously bugs that does not say completed don't need reporting again.

    Thank you all x

    Useful information, depending on the bug some may be not relevant:

    SCREEN SHOTS, AREA MAP SCREENSHOT, NPC name, error message, Area Name, Item Name, Where you found the item, When you found the issue, etc.

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