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    **** (Talk/Whisper/Party Channels)

    Enclosing text in angle brackets will speak your "native" language. If you have more than one, use the language widgets to set the language you will be speaking.

    "Translated" text will appear in green.
    "Eavesdropped" text will appear in rose.

    Per standard PnP rules: players are entitled to learn a number of languages equal to their base intelligence modifier, in addition to their racial/class tongues and Common (English/Talk Channel).

    Languages currently available to the system though not all necessarily available to players immediately without a good reason, etc:

    Bolded language entries, unless of said species/race or base class capable by nature of speaking it, will require an application if desired for use as a bonus language.

    Additionally, Animal is available to rangers, as an automatic race/class selection, of third level and above, respectively.

    Druids receive access to Animal and Druidic from first level.

    Planar Languages:
    Abyssal 1
    Infernal 1
    Celestial 1

    Racial/Class Languages:
    Druidic *

    Regional Languages:
    Northern Dialect
    Netherese 2

      • It is forbidden for the uninitiated to learn (and be taught) the secret language of the Oath-takers.

    1 - Subraces of planar descent receive the appropriate language, per their parentage, free in addition to bonus languages granted by base intelligence modifier.

    2 - Netherese is a dead language. It can only be acquired from a DM if circumstances warrant it.

    Also note, that out of game forum postings are as ever, restricted to English. Please keep the languages in-game, where they can be easily manipulated.

    Please feel free to post suggestions in the usual place.

    • Neglected to add Netherese to the list. Please see accompanying footnotes.

  • Finally found time for this.

    • Chultan added to Regional Languages. Thanks to yeahchris for the contribution.

    • Bedine added to regional languages. The tongue of the desert nomads of the Anauroch.
    • Jotun added to racial languages. The tongue of giants and giant-kin.

    Thanks to Jared and Waxmaster, respectively.

  • Oh my, it's been some while since this was updated.

    • Ulutiun added to regional languages. Spoken by the Ulutiun people of the Great Glacier and Sea of Moving Ice.
    • Northern Dialect added to regional languages. A dialect of Common spoken widely across Northwest Faerûn.
    • Alzhedo added to regional languages. Regional tongue of Southwest Faerûn, and the main language of Calimshan.
    • Shou added to regional languages. Far beyond the Unapproachable East…

    All the new tongues should be available following the next reset.

    Thanks to Waxmaster, Dire Corgi and toportime, respectively.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Concerning the Animal language, please use common sense when using it.

    As Strawman said so well:


    No, the language was never meant to convey complex abstract notions.
    A little common sense goes a long way.


    The Animal Language as implemented was never designed for oration and complicated discourse.

    Beast and Bird haven't a care for your freshly published treatise on Planar Mechanics and the Bifurcated Rotation of Sundry Cosmological Objects.

    Employ accordingly…

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