What is the company of gears?*

  • What is the company of gears? I remember people selling some kind of cool contraptions…
    When I took trapsmithing with my dwarf, I thought maybe that would be some of the stuff he could make.
    Someone told me those things were a summoning theme?
    Can my rogue/fighter trapsmith make these?
    Does he have to be a spellcaster to do so?
    Would he need any special feats?
    I still have not found anyone with the merchant stuff for trapmaker, and the person who was mentioned IG, I've never had the key to be able to go and see.

    Is one caster level (say, of wizard?) Enough?

  • Every single character on coa has a chance to make golems, in a scripted way. It is technically linked to the summoning theme, but I have serious doubts if it has anything to do with summoning in IG terms.
    Also, it is a secret to find out, something to fight over with other players, or groups of players.

    So yeah, you can make it, but probably not the way you expect it to. Roleplaying likely is the best way to figure out the secrets I mention. I imagine it would need some dedication, especially as I was recruited in a group utilizing it mainly because the lack of manpower to keep the method running safe.
    (game-time requirement issues has been addressed since then so it is more fun, less like a job to keep it running)
    so yeah. Keep searching, keep your eyes open for clues, other chars who might know something! Enjoy the game! : ))

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