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  • I recently read about the new Mage class in DnD 5ed; It's pretty amazing, sort of a wizard/sorc combo class (finally). Basically, you prepare a list of spells for the day, like a wizard, and cast them spontaneously, like a sorcerer. Metamagic is built in, as you can spontaneously cast any spell in a higher level spell slot, increasing its effects. Cantrips are unlimited, but can't be enhanced. So a cure wounds spell, if cast as a 1st level, is equivalent to cure light. As a 3rd level spell, it's cure serious. I imagine this'll work for other spells as well, like burning hands cast as a 3rd level spell becoming fireball, for instance.

    Races as well, have no negatives anymore. Some races get a +1 Ability bonus, and that's it.

    Anyone know how some of the other classes work?

  • Storyteller [DM]

    When I play tested, most of the game mechanics seemed to revolve around the idea of "advantage", where by you use positioning, or a feat, or ability, whatever, to be able to roll two attack die and choose the better result. If you're disadvantaged (Blinded, etc) you roll two die and take the worse result. If you're neither, you roll one die.

    So rogues could sacrifice "advantage" to do sneak attack damage, a most other classes had some weird way of either giving them self advantage, or sacrificing it to use class specific stuff. I can't remember the details (I play tested a rogue).

    Barbarian and ranger weren't released yet when I tested.

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