Conflicts and intrigues

  • This term is thrown around alot and not sure the exact meaning besides the following

    Not assocaiting yourself with the person you have conflicts and intrigues

    Have Yelling matches of people you have conflicts and intrigues

    PVP with your conflicts and intrigues characters until one of you dies.

    Try to convert conflicts and intrigues to your ally.

    People like or hate you before you even speak one word you have conflicts and intrigues

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  • What it boils down to is:

    If you can find another player to bounce against, you will be kept on your toes - and keep others on their toes - far more effectively than waiting on DM interactions.

    That's why we promote it. It gives people something to do, especially during quiet periods – and often enough ends up with DMs stepping in to fan the flames even more. Before you know it, the ultimate hero and the ultimate villain are PCs.

  • Or! You can build relationships with other characters, be constructive, develop deeper and more meaningful characters through your interactions with others, and over time build into a conflict with another that has real history and meaning instead of making a character for the sake of conflict.

  • You can't figure the exact meaning because there is no exact meaning, just like there is no exact meaning of other concepts like love, and hate. You can say what they are kind of about, and give some examples of what might constitute them, but there is no exact meaning.

    A conflict could be as simple as two gnomes who try to steal each others shoes every time they meet. One day, this might build into something more meaningful, one of the gnomes could begin to feel like he needs to end the fued once and for all, and researches a spell to make his shoes grow giant sized and stomp on any would be thieves, who knows where such an awesome storyline could go.

    Or it could be a Sharran cult attempting to sow discord in the plans of Selunites without them even knowing they are involved, leading them on false quests, and ultimately trying to set them up in a position where they have to make a moral choice in which they fail whatever decision they take.

    Maybe it's two adventurers who just want to be the most popular and sought after warrior ever, so they keep on challenging each other to more and more dangerous missions, like wrestling a manticore into submission, naked, or using only a dagger to destroy a demon. Perhaps one of them is an evil git and decides to sabotage the others attempt by secretly enhancing the manticore/demons power before the battle using a combination of subdual, invisible casters, animal empathy and potions. Or perhaps he managed to find a way to poison a healing potion, and makes one of the rules be they can use one healing potion only, then has the poisoned one given to the now naked, would be manticore wrestler.

    Or maybe a necromancer is trying to become a lich, and some lathanderites are trying to find the rare components first, while the necromancer is sending in spies to the lathanderite cult to make them unwittingly help him find them first.

    The list is literally endless. But it is about creating fun situations that people can enjoy as part of a story, or even just as character development/interaction.

  • easy example

    Jurgen and S'haedo they really hate each other, but are forced to coexist, therefore the conflict and tension

  • Jurgen hates everyone. 🙂

  • Delanish, I feel you mate. You're often on during the slow hours and it really sucks when the only questing group chases you away because you're an Ilmaterite and they're Banites.
    But that's what you get when you play a character who by design has mortal enemies before you even start playing.
    Maybe roll a more morally flexible character for those slow hours.

    Also, conflicts and intrigues don't often include what you listed above.
    Open enmity is actually a fairly rare development when it comes to intrigues. But Banites are in fact your enemies by definition, because of who you play, so you'll have to roll with that.

  • Technically
    Vess and Purple Diamond new character is my mortal enemies by definition being of Lovitiar and the tension between our faiths but i see your point

  • Conflict is different things to different people..want conflict with me? the way i play my character it will certainly not be what you expect, especially in the long term

    the lessons i learned in v3 and v4 arabel are being applied to this character, parts of Rav, even parts of Cilwa for that matter, this is a new character and is not a direct extension of any of the previous ones i played (aside from the art thing, which i kind of want to keep going, as that is what has kept me here, maintaining the journal, this is a new character, a blank sheet of paper which arabel will write the story for) but this character will be a lot smarter than either of my previous characters

    Conflict happens, i am used to it..someone(i have made a note of who they are) even was unkind to my character in game because she is a elf, i will not do anything about it..yet….unless it happens again, if it does, then i will start taking action, this time, i will of course document it in my in game journal (the one you type in to keep track of stuff)

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