Researching antimagic, especially against undeath

  • -Someone- in a tacky helmet and possibly a disguise (possibly with a strong elvish accent that he tries to hide by speaking gruffly), goes to a number of sources in Arabel, including asking Raznor et al in the temple of mystra about antimagic, dispel magic, and how these properties effect different beings, such as undead, planar beings like devils and demons, and various summons. He seems curious about the properties of Sussur Root as well, and if it may have antimagic properties to mirror these antimagic effects against undead. He also asks about how he can learn more about mythalite, hinting that he thinks Hardcastle knows quite a bit but may be keeping some of this knowledge secret, and wondering where such lore might be kept in the Hardcastle estate…

  • Admin [DM]

    The librarian looks puzzled at the elf, before advising him to speak with adventurers rather than bother the Dweomerekeeper.

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