• I am not a freaking spammer….#$$@@$
    Can somebody tell me, why the hell is showing me this:

    Your IP has been blocked because it is blacklisted. For details please see ... .167.99.29.
    An entry on the blacklist may have several reasons:
    1. You are a well-known spammer.
    2. Last time a well-known spammer was using the dynamic IP address which you got from your ISP (Internet Service Provider), your e-mail address or the username you have choosen.
    3. Your ISP is well-known for a lot of spamming customers and is not fighting against spammers enough.

  • I got the same thing and can't create new secret forum accounts. 😢

  • Also have it, So I can't edit my profile…

  • Make sure the email on all your accounts are valid.
    Don't use proxies out of Russia.
    Not sure what else you can do. This board is really touchy.

  • i got this a while ago when i tried to change my profile.

    polaris said it would be looked into.

  • What Nikko said.
    It's touchy, yes. It has to be, unfortunately.

    Altogether the board spam-traps have proven to been very effective against all the waste-of-skin-shit-peddlers and their pet bots.
    The likes of which we see bouncing off the site in their thousands every month.

    I've tweaked the filters a little, so try once more to alter your profiles.
    I may have to tweak them again in either direction depending, of course, on circumstances, so post and let us all know if you were successful or not.

    And apologies for the trouble.

  • Same was happening to my account but if you enter your "details" on that website they will unblock you straight away (at least for a month)

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