A reminder - This is a new server

  • Things have changed. It is no longer as safe near, or even in the city.

    (all references to 'you' mean your character, not you personally)

    People will beat you up.

    People will mug you.

    You will get robbed.

    If you do enough damage to other groups/characters (or even if you are just really, really stupid) you will likely be captured, tortured, and ransomed for gold/loot.

    If you cause even MORE damage, you will be killed.

    Don't give up, bad things can happen, but the fact that there is more power for players means that these are opportunities, not horrible occurences.

    You can gain the power to throw people into 'The Pit'

    You can enact vigilante justice (and possibly face consequences from others for doing so)

    You can climb the ladder of power and enact laws to hamper the kinds of folk who did these things to you.

    You can hire others to aid you.

    Or you can try to fight back.

    Or you can submit to another characters power.

    The choices are yours, but no one will hold you hand while you make them, or try to enforce them.

  • Concerning the above.

    There is a rule to follow.

    Don't be a dick.

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