On reporting 'lag'

  • Hey dudes.

    This is pretty geeky, I admit, but, I need to say it.

    If you report something as creating 'lag' Please make sure it is actually lag, and not that it is slowing down your computers frame rate.

    The reason is, that if I get a report on lag being produced, then I will take different steps to fix it, than if something produces frame rate drops, and potentially end up either wasting time and achieving nothing (this is nothing new really, It is essentially 99% of my life anyway) or making things worse.

    The difference between lag and frame rate.

    Lag, is when your computer is receiving data from the server too slowly for you be able to keep up with things. So you click to cast a spell, or heal, and the game does nothing for about ten seconds or something silly. That's lag. The communication between your machine, and the server, being slow.

    Frame rate drops, are when the game 'flickers' you see one frame of your character beginning to draw back his sword, the next it is in the monsters guts without you seeing the animation of it moving through the air.

    Thats frame rate, when your machine for some reason can't handle displaying all the graphics in time.

    Entirely separate issues, which need to be looked at in entirely different ways when trying to diagnose a problem with an element of the server.

    Sorry for the geek session.


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