Project Auto-downloader

  • So as you all know, due to a recent issue with domain names, our auto downloader isn't working anymore, and we dont have the source code to fix it.

    I am reaching out to the community in the hopes that someone may have the time, skills, and inclination to create another one for us.

    We are already working on this to an extent, but time is a factor we are low on.

    There are a few specific elements that it needs to have, but here are the basics.

    The program would ideally be compilable to run on both window and mac (but just windows is fine)

    It would need to be able to look at an xml file and use that data to figure out what is out of date, where to download it to, and what to download (the xml file exists already)

    It would need to connect to a server (and log into it, while keeping the password and user name secure, we'd need to be able to add those details in ourself from the sourcecode you gave us as we can't give them out to none team members for obvious reasons,) grab some .7z files, and extract them into the correct folders based on this information.

    It also needs to be able to run NWN and connect to the city of arabel game server.

    If you think you could achieve this, then PM me on the forums, and I will give you more detailed instruction, and preferably talk on IRC about it.

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