Changes and Updates

  • Changes to class mechanics and expectations will be recorded here.

  • Added six fighter kits. More to come soon.

    Thanks to no2ace / acemv for helping with the concepts for the fighter kits.

  • Soldier now gets +3 to discipline.
    Shock Trooper's charge is now a widget power.
    Thug's DR is replaced with bludgeoning resist 3/-

    Thanks to AbsoluteZero for the balance suggestions, and showing me how OP they get when in practice.

  • Thug's DR replaced with 5% bludgeoning immunity.

  • Widgets are no longer of any use. The command .assumecombatstance will be used to activate fighter abilities on kits that have widgets.

    Feint removed from Bravo. May add something else for it in the future.

  • Shock Trooper - Movement speed bumped up to 20%, doesn't stack with haste / retreat. AC reduced by 2 instead of 4. 30 second cooldown instead of 60.

    Soldier - Concentration +3 instead of +5

    Thug - Bludgeon Resistance 2/- , bonus feat Disarm.

    Spellscarred: Does not receive fort penalty.

    Thanks to JaggedSoul for the balance ideas.

  • Getting a lot of questions on this.

    1. The Monk styles are not yet activated. They're in the module, I just need to uncomment the code that will display the styles in the crafting menu.

    2. While it's unlikely we will change requirements, the Channel ki / passives may be subject to revision based on whim / balance issue / any other reason we think fit. This is pretty obvious, but here it is anyway.

  • The first four styles should be in game as of next reset.

    The .channelki and .assumecombatstance should work as of next reset.

  • Fighter kit update to existing ones / new ones added. Can change on whim / suggestion / balance.

  • Fey pacts for Warlocks are now supported.

  • Clarification on the Bear Style for Monks.

    Not all properties in NwN stack.

    Way of the bear gives:-

    1. d4 damage, -1 AB
    2. +2 HP/level when active
    3. 2d4 damage, -2 AB
    4. +4 HP/level when active
    5. +1 STR/+1CON when active
    6. +2 STR/+1CON when active
    7. 2d8 damage, -4 AB

    The damage from each level overrides the previous one, while temporary HP and ability bonuses stack.

    Therefore, a master of the style will have:-

    +6 Temporary HP / level
    +3 STR, +2 CON
    +2d8 damage, -4 AB

  • Way of the Iron Robe updated.

  • Added a general style for monks who do not want to pick a style. Rearranged Bear Style Ki powers.

  • New fighter kit.

  • Arena Fighter now has -8 discipline.
    Field commander's power fixed, no negative to AC on use.
    Arbalist's steady aim now lasts till toggled off.

  • Some changes to Way of the Asp style, due to a bioware bug in applying item properties.

    Level 7 in devotion now gets +1 DEX, +2d4 acid damage. Level 4 in devotion receives +1 DEX instead of +2 DEX.

  • Sorcerers can now use alteration scrolls to alter their spells, like wizards.

  • Beastmaster is disabled until further notice. Will not affect existing characters.

  • Barbarian Archetypes that have been documented may be selected without issue. Any existing masks will not have any properties. The remaining archetypes will be added in this week.

    There may be tweaks to the archetypes soon, but it will not invalidate your character or prevent access to passives/rages.

  • Admin [DM]

    Small note in sorcerer thread in regards of bloodlines, since we have had a lot of recent confusion in regards of what the kit means. You cannot claim to be of any subrace or similar awesome background without an app, sorcerer bloodlines are very faint and merely adds flavour to the class as a whole. Consider it like a rare gene passed down unknowingly for many generations with no real idea where it came from first, except maybe an old granny tale. If you want a nice background story or subrace to link to the kit, please submit an app.

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