NWN startup problem

  • Im not returning or anything (Yet), but when I start it up nowadays all I get is this.

    The only thing I can think of thats changed since I last tried to go on is my graphic drivers, so I must use old ones to play it? Or is there a way past it.

  • I would start by updating to 1.69. I had problems logging into nwn as well when I reinstalled and updating my driver fixed it.

  • You may want to copy your nwncdkey file located in …/NeverwinterNights/NWN and then re-install the game perhaps if the above doesn't work?

  • Any messages shown in the "View Problem Details" might help.

    A few generic things you could try:

    1. Run nwconfig.exe and reconfigure your settings as needed.
    2. If you're running a Windows 7, try setting it to Windows XP SP3 Compatibility Mode (right click on nwmain.exe, click on Properties). Also, even with this done, NWN will sometimes crash on me the first try, but then will launch fine if I run it a second time.

  • If you just updated your drivers, that might be related. I know I couldn't play NWN last time I tried to update mine, so I had to go back a version.

  • Run nwn.exe as administrator, in compatibility mode for WIN XP.

  • My version is already 1.69, dunno why it shows up as something else.

    Looks like changing the compatibility worked though! Weird that suddenly it needed to change, cause it was always working fine before and the only thing thats changed in my computer were the drivers. Thanks guys

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