The Chapter of St. Alubrien - DM Faction

  • Background:

    The Chapter of St. Alubrien are a Brotherhood, a collection of men and women who are sworn to eradicate the lands of undeath, suffering and un-natural creatures. Recently arrived to the Eveningstar after being aided from extinction by the Knights of the Red Hart they have set up to aid the land they now call home.

    They are the keepers of scriptures known as The Deadscrolls, mysterious holy writings crafted by the Jergalite faith at the Chapter’s inception and now guarded in secret by its current members.

    They scour the lands of the bones of the fabled St. Alubrien, a martyred man who gave his life protecting those seeking justice and truth.

    With the Chapter in pieces and seeking to rebuild they are opening their doors to the adventuring folk of Arabel and beyond. It’s members are given a free reign over what they do, some in the past putting their own personal interests and the quest for secret lore above that of the Chapter itself.
    Which direction will you take?

    Faction Requirements

    Preferred Method of Joining: Apply before character creation, or meet a PC in game to earn a recommendation
    Preferred Alignment: Any
    Deity: Kelemvor, Kossuth, Lathander, Oghma, Jergal, Hoar most likely. Most would be considered.
    Preferred Classes: Any
    Race Limitations: Any

    That's right, new DM faction time!

    I'm looking for two or three people to start this off, which will include a special prelude quest regarding your arrival to Arabel. If it doesn't take off I'll put it down as a ''failed'' experiment!

    This faction is wide open for loads of concepts - paladins, necromancers, palemasters, priests, undead hunting rangers, justice seeking Hoarrans, the lot.

    Fire me over a PM if you're interested.

  • I have one approved, one nearly approved and some people working on concepts.

    I want to get a few more done and tied up so the faction can roll out with some good numbers!

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