I will write your application for you…

  • ..if you promise to work with me on it and accept constructive criticism about said concept and be willing to adapt it to make it work.

    Subraces, PrCs, factions, member to cannon organizations (Red Wizard, Moonstars, Harpers, Cult of the Dragon…), family heirlooms, interesting back-story, uninteresting back-story.

    I want to get CoA thriving, I want to get factions full and I want to get interesting characters running around all over the place. I am going to be focusing on PC factions and players / characters who want to crate stories for others through being awesome and getting things done, not just plotting things and running quests.

    So, if you have the balls to make awesome things happen I have the time to facilitate it.

    My inbox, as ever, is open.

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