Your Story Matters

  • In an effort to help tie up some loose strings and get some fresh concepts to hit the ground running, I am making myself slightly more available to accommodate some player-initiated storylines and goals. While my schedule is fairly limited, I hope to serve as both a catalyst for healthier player interactions and more fleshed out stories.

    If you have a **personal plot you are pursuing, whether you are a freshly approved concept or a year-old character, you can send me a forum PM with the following information. Do NOT send me DM Faction or PC Faction oriented plots. Personal only.

    Your Character Name and login.
    A relatively brief history of the character (I'm one of the few DMs that don't mind tl;dr).
    Your goals, big and small.
    Any ideas/progress you have for achieving such.

    By all means, you can continue posting such outlines to our Player Plot Forum (which does work, by the way). However, if you would prefer a more personal touch and some one-to-one fleshing out, I will utilize the forums to make it so.

    Happy concepting!**

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