Getting a characters domains

  • Any of you scripters know if theres a way to get hold of a characters domain information?

    It says it on the character sheet I think, so that makes me think there should be a way, doesnt mean there is a way, but, yeah.

  • // Determine whether oCreature has nFeat, and nFeat is useable.

    // - nFeat: FEAT_*

    // - oCreature

    int GetHasFeat(int nFeat, object oCreature=OBJECT_SELF)

    I believe this is your best reference. How the actual script works, I leave to some other monkey

  • Yeah that'd be great if it would work for custom domains. Not sure custom domains are actual feats though, as such, various feats get applied due to taking them, but…. yeah well.

  • its there, right at the bottom of the new feat.2da that we download

  • They are feats, at least they have been feats on my char sheet every time i made a cleric with costum domains.

  • I believe you will find answers to the custom domains in the wanding process and related scripts.

  • Thanks

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