Ancient Armour Surcoat

  • Clarissa visits High Herald Westar in his office in the palace, taking with her the suit of ancient chainmail which was found within the vampire crypt under the Haunted Halls. She asks him if he recalls any noble family or organisation which used the distinctive green and aquamarine colouring which is present on the surcoat, and if he does not recall such, then asks him if he would allow her to search through the records of the patents of nobility and company incorporation records to see if she can find a match. She also impresses on him the urgency of this task, and the concern shown by the Dawnbringer in Eveningstar.

  • The details of the armour are passed to the City Library with a comment that the colours represented on the surcoat are not from a House in the immediate locality. Further investigation by the librarians suggest the possibility of a Noble House to the South and a polite suggestion is made to investigate in the Kings Forest region, or perhaps approaching the Royal Archives in Suzail, though this latter option, is is commented with some distain, may incur considerable bribes and costs.

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