Can you loop FNF visual effects, on a creature?

  • I'm pretty bad at scripting.

    Anyway, was wondering if it was possible to loop a fire and forget (FNF) viausl effect, on a creature. So, once the effect has run, it runs again, and again, and again, until the monsters deaderised.

    I haven't really tried, but the ways I think of involve while loopsin on spawn scripts….and that just sounds like TMI error central.

  • Moloch did it with his Flaming Corpses. And I know Seth did it on many occasions when he created new monsters, but as to how it should be scripted, I have no clue about.

  • Recursive functions FTW. I think CoA's Hold Person works this way, for a concrete reference. Basically, it's a function that calls itself.


    void FlashThisHomie(object oCreature, int nRoundsDuration);
    void main()
        object oFlasher = OBJECT_SELF;
        int nLevel = GetHitDice(oFlasher);
        FlashThisHomie(oFlasher, nLevel);
    void FlashThisHomie(object oCreature, int nRoundsDuration)
        effect eFlashpan = EffectVisualEffect(THE EFFECT);
        if(!GetIsDead(oCreature) && nRoundsDuration > 0)
            ApplyEffectToObject(DURATION_TYPE_TEMPORARY/INSTANT ..., ...);
            DelayCommand(6.0f, FlashThisHomie(oCreature, nRoundsDuration));

    Note how the FlashThisHomie function contains a call to itself. It will decrement the number of rounds for which to subsequently fire, then re-apply with the new duration value. This is usually for spells; for an indefinite value the duration parameter is simply removed, and the function just calls itself on a delay each round (or seconds, depending how much the effect lasts).

  • Storyteller [DM]

    [Flashes this Homie]

  • Oh. thanks, yeah, Azzmodan told me about this way of doing it. Cheers for the help though, and maybe someone else will find this useful in the future.

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