Logging in on a second computer

  • Greetings Ye who hold the answers,

    The motherboard fried on my main rig…
    could you please point me to the info on logging in with a different computer so I can use my laptop?



  • Afaik you just install and use the same cd keys and login info.

    That's all I've ever done and I've not had any problems.

  • I don't even think you need the same CD keys, since accounts are not tied to CD keys. Hell, NWN doesn't even check your password when logging in anymore. All you need to do is install the game and type in your account name when logging in online.

  • CD keys are tied to characters on the server. If you use different CD keys, without having set a password for you character (yes, character, not account) using the .password function built into the city of Arabel server, you will be automatically booted upon login. This is to protect your characters from account thieves.

    Install the game on the new machine, and use your current CD keys, and everything will run fine.

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