New and terribly intimidated

  • Wow! I've been on all kinds of servers, mostly the kind where all they talk about is maxing your AB and AC. Well, its gotten boring, so I'm looking for something more. Looks like I found it. But is it more than I bargained for?
    After just a few minutes in game, and on these forums, my head is spinning, my thoughts are reeling. It took me five to ten minutes just to pick a NAME!
    How can I do this? I want to, its about as excited as I've ever been about a server, but I'm dreading that first encounter with a role player. I am a role player too, or at least once upon a time I was. Have too many melee driven gaming sessions blunted my creativity? My concept derived from half-recollected PnP campaigns, and one of my favorite songs, seems sketchy after reading some of your exploits.
    So, if anyone would care to indulge me, I would love to read any anecdotes drawn from your earliest forays into the City of Arabel.

  • Welcome to Arabel! No need to feel butterflies, the Arabel community is pretty warm and helpful, especially to new arrivals so any questions just fish around and I’m sure you’ll find a friendly response.

    My first encounter with Arabel was some seven years ago now when a friend of mine introduced to me to the DND world for the first time with wild and fantastic stories of this server. I came from complete ignorance to the gaming world to an obsessive compulsion to play in it.

    Stick around, and I’m sure you’ll have a good time. Incidentally we have a chat room set-up where you can field your questions and speak to members of the community in real time, unfortunately I’m in a rush to get to work at the moment but hopefully someone following on from this post would be good enough to give you the link and relevant details to our IRC Chatroom.

    Welcome! Any questions just shoot me a PM.

  • Welcome to CoA 🙂 Started in June 2003 and stayed ever since.

  • Let me see, my first encounter with the server…

    It started with me creating a char and running off to explore the server. I found a low level quest and tried to solo it. I failed and found the fugue. Rather than try and work out the complexities of the system required to return to death, and not overly bothered about writing off the three minute old char that had interacted with no one, I remade her. This char I think lasted maybe five minutes before hitting the fugue, I think on the same quest.

    Third time is the charm, I remade again, and this time took things slower, restricting myself to fed ex quests until I found people to work with. I wandered the city, interacted with other chars and before I knew it I was being recruited into a player faction being run by a character in a DM faction. (The Red Wizards.) This lead to even more hijinks with the members of the faction.

    36 hours later I noticed the sun come up for the second time since I'd started playing and thought it might be a good idea to get some sleep.

    This character, incidentally, ended up working closely with the Red Wizards, The local thieves guild, and eventually became a member of the Militia. Also the only character I ever played to make it into double figure levels, albeit for about 1 day. Her career being cruelly cut short by a server wipe.

  • Welcome to the house of madness.

    Biggest piece of advice I can give is to roll with it and treat everything that happens to your char as part of their story.

    You'll have up's and downs along the way but these moments define who your char is and shape their view of the world.

    As for your rp skills don't worry just by interacting with others your skills will grow and develop and before you know it you'll be emoting like the best.

  • Comgaunt's advice +1

  • grunts in agreement

  • Welcome!
    It's not as scary here as it might seem at first glance. If you have any questions or concerns though, check us out in IRC, at #coa or #coacharacters. We're really a friendly bunch, no matter what other impression the forums may give.

  • My first time on this server:

    I went to college six years ago so for the first time I now had the internet.

    So my first time with MMORPGs first time interacting with PSc instead of only NPc. First 20mins walking around on the server as a Druid. I got arrested for being a witch by the Eclestian Order, sent to jail where I waited till he came down, was interrogated and let free. Finally he PMed me saying welcome to Arabel.

    I have tried other servers before after that, however I always had to come back.

    Welcome to Arabel- where half demons walks free, the good can get beheaded, and all the little bunnies are the toughest bosses…...............Ok scratch the last one.

    Hope you have fun. 🙂

  • Don't panic!!
    Take everything as in character and you will have fun.

  • I played a cleric and stealthed around Arabel in fullplate…You will be fine.

  • Make a minion.

    Bitches love minions.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    [grunts in agreement]

  • I played a fat dwarf who charged everything and got fugued a lot… and got whitelighted in the same day... then I don't remember what came exactly after that, but I do remember playing a mythomaniac halfling pirate which had absolutely no plot or meaning, but was quite fun. (hm.... mythomaniac halfling pirate...)

  • On my first day I teamed up with some other random noobs and tried to rob a nobles house by attacking the 11th level wizard NPC guarding it. Luckily there was no DM on to ban us at the time. If you avoid doing what I did you should be fine.

  • My first time playing CoA, I rolled up a character with horns and ran around declaring my faith to Bane during the massive collective of Banite PCs on the servers, likely giving them all a bad name. I was then roped in, tutored by the leading Banite PC at the time, and rerolled the character to a more fitting persona and eventually become one of his top henchmen.

    If you have any concerns or questions, just voice them. We're all happy to aid. And if anyone trolls you, it's out of affection.

  • My first time playing I created an elf whos description was "This elf is very evil". I later tried to rob people in the city, but I'm still here. If I can do it, you can definetly do it.

  • My first character: Half orc. Okay, let's see. Where can I go to quest? Uh. Shira? Oh dayum. She needs me to find her dog. Where is it? Does Shira's dog move around in other districts? Is it in some far away land? How much xp will I get? Oh, there's the dog. I'll lead it to Shira and get a ton of xp and phat loot. Oh. fifty xp. Okay. That's… headdesk Wait, out of nowhere: A sudden person appears. He asked me if I was looking for work. Awesomeness follows, I gained two levels, I love this server.

    This community is very warm and welcoming. If you have any questions then you should feel free to ask. The first week or so is always rough. But once you get used to it you'll be happy you did. ^^

  • My first character was a Half-Elf ranger who quickly befriended an Elf played by Adelor. I think, from what I remember of him, he remains my favourite Elf in CoA simply because of the willingness of the player to take me under their wing. I wish he still played. And Sabaron too.. 😞

  • Welcome to the server! Dont feel nervous, we all start as newbies!

    • Et Tu

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