• I'm feeling spunky and such! IT'S COMING AROUND AGAIN! EGADS!!!

    This is now an OPEN INVITATION starting THIS SUNDAY and going on for EVERY SUNDAY until I'm too busy to do it anymore.

    There are two reasons for this: One, I love doing stuff for you guys! Two, I need to dedicate time to other projects through the week, and will likely become a bit more scarce through the week (not GONE just less available than I am now)

    So! Please, take advantage of this. The idea of this is to plan out actual events – please utilize the Player Plot forum to keep us abreast of your current plots! Just follow the format and rules located below!

    Thanks everyone!

  • That's right the doors have been blown WIDE open on EoF's Attention Emporium!

    Got a personal plot you want to push? Some crazy thing you need to do? Then come on down! I'm offering my services for any future open timeslots I may have! THIS IS AN OPEN INVITATION TO ANYONE WHO WANTS TO PUSH IDEAS, PLOTS, ETC.

    Why?! Because I can. Just send me a PM with the following information and if, in my extreme biasness, I choose your PM I'll do all sorts of DMly things with my own patented EoF spin!

    Just listen to these testimonies!

    (who is eof?)

    • acemv hands EoF a shotgun.

    Oh god EoF your killing us

    EoF you broke my MG and trolled me into quitting

    EoF mistreated us so much

    You always need a safe word for EoF's quests.

    I'm never letting EoF put anything in my mouth again 😣

    That quest was bad ass

    Interested? Grand! Just send me a PM with the following template, and we'll get started!

    1) [b]Character[/b]:
    2) [b]Thing you're asking for:[/b]
    3) [b]BRIEF background of RELEVANT character info(ie character's motivation for this event):[/b]
    4) [b]What you've done so far (in relationship to this thing you want):[/b]
    5) [b] What you hope to accomplish with thing you're asking for (Short term & long term. Brief summary statement is fine):[/b]
    6) [b] Time you would like to go (for my sanity, please translate to EST):[/b][/list]

    There is some fine print: Any ideas you send me are subject to (and will likely receive) various twisting to match my view of them. I will likely corrupt them with my own ideas, and most importantly DO NOT EXPECT A PARTICULAR OUTCOME. The purpose of this offer is to allow you to push plots forward by telling me what you've done, and what you HOPE to do; I will decide how the event takes shape and what possible outcomes may happen.

    Do not despair, however, this is meant in fairness to the stories; in fairness to the server, and most importantly in fairness to you, the unfortunate player I will likely kill and maim several times over.

    So! Send that stuff in folks! I want to run stuff, you have ideas I can abuse!

    -Elegy of Fools-

  • Sorry, I didn't read much because I was on my way to bed, but from reading the chat transcripts.. Is this pornography? If so, I'm in. If not.. think about it.

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