My brothers an artist!

  • No really, he is, like all professionally and stuff.

    Anyway, he's entered this 'competition' type thing (artists call it something else, 'submission of work' or something fancy) and I figured I'd let you guys get a peek.

    Maybe you can even vote for his stuff! He gets to do a big exibition and things if he gets enough votes, so that'd be groovy if you did.

    To vote, you just need to click the 'like' button, or one of the other buttons thats not facbook or something. anyway, they are in the top right on my screen when I look at the page. Theres a tweet one, a facebook one, and a couple others or something.

    Anyway, yeah.


    You can right click and view image or something to see it bigger I think too.

  • Wow, really cool stuff!

    le vote

  • Whoa, I thought that was a sculpture for at least ten minutes, then I zoomed in to get a better look an was like… Wait a minute. Awesome drawing, your brothers got a helluva lotta talent. Awesome and voted!

  • Did anyone else vote?

    Free loot to those that do*

    *'loot' may vary in levels of quality, uselessnes, and existence.

  • Voted. I'll have a greataxe.

  • Your brother is good dude, I voted.

  • I voted first. I think I deserve the best item there is.

    A crippled heal bonus socket gem.

  • I voted lots, from all IPs I could make and fake.

    Tell me if he wins something.

  • Thanks guys, my brother came sixth out of everyone! This is awesome! This means he gets into the exhibition, and then I think there's another round of voting after that to decide some kinda winner or something, not sure.

    But yeah, thanks!

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