Address to the Players

  • Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening;

    I want to let you all know: If there is something you do not like, something you disagree with; we would love to hear from you. My PM box is always open; and the same applies for every DM.

    Lately, we've noticed a string of negative emotions, and various veiled complaints, spoken to other players, about feelings regarding the server. While I don't want to discourage people from voicing their opinions about things, I do want people to think a bit more coherently about what they say, who they say it to, and more importantly why they are saying it.

    There's been a rash of near-explosive negative attitudes lately, and frankly, it's getting draining; on the player-base and on the DM team. Many of these attitudes have since exploded into "OMG I hate this I quit!" threads, which are nothing new! In fact, back in the day, when those players flipped out and exploded, many of you noted that they needed to calm down, it was just a game.

    Personally, I don't like the attitudes I'm seeing; I find it hard to want to do anything for anyone because it seems to do nothing to ebb the flow of disdain. However, being a sensible, polite individual, I do not want to explode about it. I take a deep breath, think it out, and explain how I feel as clearly and politely as possible.

    And that's all I ask of you all: If there is something you don't like, if something happened that you don't appreciate and it really set you off, please, take some time to cool off, and then talk it over with us.

    It falls on all of us to make CoA a fun place to play; the DM Team cannot address complaints if we only hear them as you're walking out the door.

    Thank you,
    -The City of Arabel DM Team

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