Symbol Search

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    _Isoviel once more enters the library, she heads to the religious reference section and spends hours pouring over the texts found there. She looks at all the known holy symbols of the common deities of the area and picks out a few that have a roughly circular shape. After choosing those few, she cleans up a worn amulet as best she can and painstakingly tries to find a match to the scratched symbol on its face from those drawings she kept out from her search. The drawings of the holy symbols she found were from the gods:


    She includes Tymora because according to the records, her death wasn't that long ago.

    After some independant work, she asks the opinion of one of the librarians working the religious reference section._

  • One of the librarians comes over and peers at the amulet for a while and then states plainly

    'Well, it could quite literally be any of those, this thing is so worn it's impossible to tell.'

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