Tips For Soliciting DM Attention In Game.

  • If you have something spur-of-the-moment in mind please be detail oriented.

    Dropping this in the DM Channel:
    Kromo Lemith goes to dig up a grave in the cemetary on Calantar's Way
    Is by far superior to:

    Hello? Is anyone there?

    This goes for technical difficulties or general questions as well:

    Hello, my priest of , with the domains and is having problems with spell failure, can anyone lend a hand?

    Is infinitely finer than:
    Help! My priest is broken!

    Now, we may well be occupied or there may not even be anyone on-line at the time; or we may have missed it in an avalanche of text, so give it five minutes or so before asking again if you don't receive any reply the first time.

    Or, hop into the IRC channel and see if anyone is available there.


    Be detail oriented, courteous and patient and we'll try to get to you as swiftly as humanly possible.

    Thank ye kindly.

  • When attempting to get our attention in IRC, the same general principle applies:

    Be courteous and patient we'll get to you when/if we can. Feel free to open a private conversation with a few of us and politely word your request. If another DM beats us to helping you, we won't be upset, we promise.

    Trying to flag us down one at a time will frustrate you, and occasionally gets a bit annoying for us. If you have a general issue, feel free to contact the DMs in a general way; making a personal request over a general issue wears us down too 😉

    If you want a specific DMs attention for something that is a different matter entirely and you should feel free to contact that DM more personally.

    This is meant to make it easier to get your issues resolved in a timely manner, but first and foremost is don't be afraid to ask us something.

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