Kosuth's embassy

  • I'm in Washington D.C. staying near embassy row and near the Polish and Columbian embassies is Kossuth's house. He's flying an Italian flag and according to the bronze relief of him on the building he has an awesome beard. Whether Thayan Red Wizarda enjoy diplomatic immunity with the U.S. Still unknown.

  • Kossuth was a Hungarian revolutionary in the 1850s.

  • No he was not, he is a badass fire elemental, or something like this. :<

  • And he doesn't have an italian flag!

    Kossuth was one of the most important political leader in the 1848-49 hungarian revolution. The revolution soon turned into a fight of freedom within the austrian monarchy, resulting the the king to get dethroned my the parliament of hungary.
    After the defeat of the hungarian national government caused by russian intervention, Kossuth had to leave his country never to return. While in Hungary various punishments took place, he's tried to gain support for a comeback. During this has he arrived in the united states, where he received a warm greeting, but no political success. That's how he has a monument in Washington DC.
    He's lived a long life and died in italy. (actually he gathered a hungarian legion in italy during the second italian war of independence, but he didn't have the chance to use this in favor of hungary. But again. It isn't an italian flag!)

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