New player. Also, questions.

  • Hi. I just started playing on this server, and find it lots of fun. I have also been lurking the forums a while, to catch up on rules, changes to the game and generally whats what. I'm pretty steady on roleplaying as i have been playing pnp for a long time, but new to the mechanics of nwn and the server (as those I've played with have probably noticed).

    I'll be on most weekdays, less on weekends as thats when I usually play pnp.

    And now for the questions. I know these are probably answered somewhere on the forum, but I couldn't find any conclusive answers.

    1. I have seen it mentioned that the requirements of PrCs have been vastly reduced. Is this true? If so, what is one expected to have to qualify (except solid roleplaying and an application)? A certain level? The proper alignment?

    2. I notice you have added reagents to make summoning spells more versatile (other spells too?). Does these still work if you cast the spell from an item?

    3. How is the justice system implemented? I like to play evil characters, so I feel it's best to know this.

    Thanks in advance. Looking forward to messing up your schemes.

  • The Justice system varies depending on who is in each said faction, but if you make a overly evil character, odds are it wont survive long

  • Welcome to the server!


    1. There are NO mechanical requirements for PrC's. Application and good RP are the only things you need. Best way to do it is alert the DM's you'll be working towards earning the PrC you want, and then app after you think you've achieved it. Unless you're wanting PrC from creation. Then you'll need to contact a DM to work that out before you make the character.

    2. I know NOTHING about summoning spells.

    3. As uch as I hate reading this answer.. I really think this is a question best answered through IC means. The Sheriffs, the Eternal Order, the Red Harts, the Mages Guild, the Knights of Holy Judgement... they ALL have different ideas of "Justice". And what happens to you is going to depend on who you cross and why.

  • Welcome to Arabel 🙂

  • Hi there! As to summoning, if you cast with an item the theme of said item will be the one working. You can only include reagents/tomes in spells you cast yourself.

  • Thanks for the answers.

    I do know evil characters rarely win the day. I'll just have to wait and see what happens when the hammer of justice hits me on the head. Anyhow, losing is fun.

  • Welcome.
    If you have any questions about the summoning themes im happy to help out but I would suggest finding out in game it is experimenting with them is fun.

  • @Weresquid:

    losing is fun.

    Do you play Dwarf Fortress?!

    Welcome to the server, feel free to buzz a DM if you run into problems with anything.

  • Indeed I do. It gives you a nice "give less of a sh*t" kind of perspective on gaming.

    And I'll remember to ring the bell if need arise.

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