*A dust-crusted elven male enters the …

  • … city library during the dark hours of night. After a few days of lingering in the darkest areas of the entrance he approaches the caregiver and haltingly asks for aid.*

    Yes, yes - Uruvion will clean up after himself, see?

    This one looks for tomes of old. Tomes that speak of annuling and correcting cerain rituals of deaths' passage to ensure passage to the correct path - see? Not so hard to look for, no.

    If not this, Uruvion seeks tome to help revive something temporarily without disturbing rest, long enough to move to other place - eh?

    Yes. Uruvion can wait and will keep looking night after night, he will clean up after himself - yes.

  • [[Lucien finds a book while doing some reading in the library and takes it to the librarian asking them to put it on reserve for his friend]]


    [[Inside the book is a small note: "Speak to a friend of ours, he may be able to help -L-"]]

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