Send Me Your Personal Plots / Ideas

  • If you have anything you are doing IG currently that you need a little DM help with please send me a PM with the details and we can see about moving some things forward.

    I’m looking for interesting events that will involve a good number of people, that doesn't mean soup kitchens or orphanages sadly.

    I’m talking:

    Paladins hunting down holy swords

    Cults wishing to take over a district of a city

    A Harper candidate looking to make a name for himself so they will be noticed by the group

    Someone wishing to catch the eye of the Fire Knife Assassins with a cunning murder

    A Hoarran seeking the aid of some NPC to they can become the new law in the city

    There is so much you as the players can do with a little thought, a little planning and a little patience. So hit me with what you've got and we'll see about making it happen.

  • Everyone should take advantage of this! TL's inbox should be so flooded he begs the rest of us codgers to help him with all those awesome ideas you all have! Seriously!

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