Sheriff Faction Boot Camp!

  • Ladies and gents, I’m going to be running an event over the weekend for the Sheriff faction.

    Players interested in joining the faction are encouraged to send me a short PM detailing their character (When I say short, I mean short. Their name, brief history and maybe a quick rundown on what they want to do in the faction).

    This will substitute for an application. Yes, that’s right. No application required.

    Over the weekend I will be running an In Character Boot Camp / interviewing session where anyone who wants to join the Sheriffs may do so (Assuming they meet a very basic criteria, which are chiefly IC conditions).

    You will be a full member of the faction, with relevant faction loot, responsibilities and access.

    So, if you’ve ever wanted to join the Sheriffs or even a faction in general but for one reason or another never warmed to the application template then this is the perfect opportunity for you. Just PM me the aforementioned details and stay tuned for further details.

    Any questions just let me know.

    CoA DM Team

  • Depending on the response I get I am going to run a similar event as before in the next week or so. Again, as before, you will not require an application, merely PM me a brief of your character's background and a summary of their objectives.

    Owing to IC events there is going to be a lot of conflict to be had with the Sheriffs in the foreseeable future, and ideally we're looking for Kreswell loyalists and/or Pro-Regime characters, although this isn't a requirement. So, if you're interested in joining the Sheriff faction, or have wanted to get involved in server plots or factions but for one reason or another have been hesitant to broach the application format this is ideal.

    PM me now and we'll see what we can sort out.

  • Thank you for your responses, could those who have been in touch and been given the all clear shoot me a quick PM to state your playtimes so we can sort out an In Game recruitment in the next few days. Many thanks.

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