Approved Concepts

  • If you are presently playing an Approved Concept, be it a PrC, a Background, a Subrace, a Faction Position or whatever else could you please PM me the following;

    Character Name:


    Character Name: Jon Snow
    Account: WinterIsComing
    Concept: I am a member of the Sheriffs, I am a Sheriff Marshall

    Character Name: Jane Pear
    Account: FruitIsYum
    Concept: I am a Tiefling

    Character Name: Greg Ironhand
    Account: StuntedWarrior
    Concept: I am a Dwarven Defender

    Please keep it to the above for sake of ease.

    Many thanks,

    DM Team

  • Thanks for the PMs so far, I think there are a few active people who haven't sent in their details yet, if you could do that it'd be appreciated.

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