The Company of the Gear

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Since it an application free month, the Company of the Gear faction could use some player love right now. The DM Team is hoping to bring some seriousness back to this faction so if you'd like to make an industrialist/capitalist type of character, rise up to the challenge of getting this merchant faction rolling, this would be a good time.

    The CoG believes magic to be dangerous and unstable in the wrong hands but they do not hate it. To them, it is a good tool to use in creating all sort of things. They are inveting and creating all sorts of tools and new items hoping to make magic unnecessary and preventing future conflicts like Time of Troubles or the Dawn Cataclysm. Faith wise, they follow mainly Gond and Oghma though any deity of knowledge and creation. It is mostly a chaotic faction that welcomes any race(humans and gnomes most common) and class (rogues, wizards and clerics most common).

    So if you wish to make a merchant, corporate spy, explorer extraordinare, inventor, researcher, public relation agent, or anything else that can fit in the faction, now is the time.

  • I second this. The faction could do with more players. I'm getting some good ideas so far. Keep it up.

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