Application Free Month

  • The title says it all.

    In an attempt to get our factions full of interesting characters, to get you all looking at developing your current PCs with a PrC and to get you playing that subrace you've always wanted to we have decided to scrap the application process for the next month.

    What this means:

    We've done this before, some may remember. The idea is you PM an active DM (me, if you want) your concept idea with a brief run-down of the goals you want to achieve and how and we will do your application for you behind the scenes. We may come back to you with a straight no if we don’t think it’ll work, or suggest to you how it might work in a slightly different way.

    What this doesn't mean:

    That everything you send us will get approved. You will be expected to work with us to make things work if they need a tweak here or there, so don’t start complaining if there needs to be changes made.

    Get thinking and get discussing. Feel free to start a forum thread if you want to discuss it in public.

  • Why couldn't we do this when I was playing?! You did that on purpose.

  • Don't forward applications to me please, otherwise, this server will become City of Kobolds.


  • So far we haven't seen a lot of players take advantage of this! Remember, feel free to PM any active DM and they'll get things rolling on our end to get some cool new ideas going 😃

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