Catchable Familiars

  • I mulled it over from a prior dicussion.

    Step 1 - Build a "blank slate" familiar, with 10 in all stats and the basic 3hp level, and some generalized feats (Dodge, Awareness, Stealthy, etc) and an empty skin.
    Step 2 - Implement a catch system on whatever criteria, storing the resref of the creature on the char token.
    Step 3 - When one summons this familiar, it creates a copy of the original in a contaiment cell, applies buffs/debuffs to match stats up, copies the item properties from skin to the blank slate (filtering out stuff like true sight), and copies and force equips the creature weapon.
    Step 4 - Destroy the reference critter in the containment area.

    Problems Arising
    The creatures racial type won't match up (unless one makes a blank slate of each potential race)
    Buffs may not work due to the pre-existing buff effect
    All familiars will have the same skillset (This could be solved by coding in some bonus effects)

    Applying a polymorph solves the first two problems and skips come scripting in step 3, but limits it creatures that are defined in polymorph.2da (which is alot, due to the shifter/polymorph changes). This requires a somewhat hefty (though not complex by any means) translation script to convert resref to 2da number though.

  • Have better idea out of your own! Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Pokemon meets CoA.

  • Alright, Mr.Bacon's gonna have to script an unknown dungeon so I can catch me a Mewtwo.

  • oh i so have to make a char with a familiar

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